“Women have always been in the streets… graffiti is just another way of advertising your soul instead of your body.  I believe women, convinced of the possibilities of doing what they love, are extremely powerful.” [1]

I started using spray paint as a medium back in 2003.  I have ruined so many clothes, suffered countless bruises, scrapes, and twisted ankles, and I have alerted my family and closest friends to an emergency bail fund in case the need may arise.  Not fun for most people and even fewer women that I have met would even entertain the idea of wandering around dark dirty alleyways that emit a constant urine stench.  But I feel right at home with the dumpsters and around the drainage ditches, and even though there have been some dodgy moments it has been an honor and a privilege to make my mark alongside some of the great street artists of the world.

I have discovered my individual voice through my relationship with the city in the practice of street art. It has allowed me to add my own personal contribution to the immediate surroundings and in turn share that with my cohabitants.

This act of sharing or giving is integral to the essence of street art; essentially linked to the public realm. Once removed from the public it ceases to relay the meaning it had before.

This work is the culmination of my experiences and collaboration with the street, an investigation of the individual’s place in the public conversation of the city. I am asserting my voice into the public conversation with a small piece of me, of my labor, born of my collective knowledge, gathered from a multitude of spheres of influence and packaged into tiny gifts for the street and its inhabitants.


[1]  Blue, in Graffiti Women: Street Art from Five Continents, by Nicholas Ganz, (London: Thames & Hudson Ltd., 2006), 24.

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